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GOWN016 - Red Robe Velour Peasant Dress with Lace-Up Back

Material: Red Poly Robe Velour (sometimes called a "suede" by people with no respect for leather).
Length: Approx. 60 Inches
Bust: Approx. 38 Inches.
Waist: Approx. 32 inches with some leeway due to lace-up closure.
Shoulder Width: 18 Inches
Sleeve Length: 25 inches. Puffy above a long cuff.
Neck: Wide, high, flat neckline
Body Style: fairly close-fitting front with curved fitting seams from sleeve inset to V-shaped front. Lace-up back.Skirt is gathered to bodice in pleats.

E-mail randwhit@moirandalls.com and ask for GOWN 017 - $95

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