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These are web sites, e-mail addresses, surface mail addresses,etc, of interest to the costumer and reenactor.

Inclusion on this list does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of the products or services of any company or organization. The sites just looked cool or their webmasters asked nicely. I've done business with some of these organizations, but not most.

Click on the highlighted text to visit the site or write down the URL and access the site on your own.

If you know of another cool costume-related site, please e-mail me at and I can add it to the list. If one of the sites has moved or gone away, please let me know so I can make corrections.

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MIlieux is a web site maintained by Lauren Podolak containing links to a tremendous number of other sites and free e-books of interest to the costumer. These include supply companies, museum image galleries, and how-to instructions for a variety of garments. Much of the information is found on a connected Facebook page.

The Costume Page by Julie Zetterberg, is an ever-expanding list of costume and costuming-related links for the benefit of those who make and/or study costumes.

Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion by David and Jessamyn Reeves-Brown. "Want to create a Regency costume? Desirous of dressing like a character from a novel by Jane Austen? Do you do period dancing or own a period home with which you wish to coordinate? Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion is a collection of information, ideas, pattern tips, and images."

Sew City "Your Internet Link Directory for all sewing and related information." Includes links to most major sewing manufacturers, a chat room, and many other worthwhile features. Sewing-related merchants can purchase banner advertising.

 The Scottish Tartans Museum in Franklin, North Carolina represents the US branch of the Scottish Tartans Society. Their web site features a Virtual Museum Tour that narrates the history of Scottish costume (accurate history, not "Braveheart"), the Tartans, and the role of Scots-Americans in the history of North Carolina. Interesting pieces in the museum include the oldest existing civilian kilt and a kilt from the film, "Brigadoon." The gift shop has tailored kilts and tartan fabric by the yard in most of the known setts.

The Costumer's Manifesto by Tara McGinnis, Ph.D. includes costume history information and a bazillion links to information, garment, pattern, and supply sources. There is even some X-Men fan fiction. This is the anchor site for The Costume Ring, also operated by Dr. McGinnis.
Note to people who type the addresses by hand: This URL is very similar to that of The International Costume Guild at

Ultimate Guide of How To Remove Stains from Clothes This is a highly useful collection of articles and videos from Jessica Ebberts sorted by what sort of stain you wish to remove. The broad categories are Food, Medical, Liquid, Earth and Industrial.

Apparel History Timeline - The Evolution of Clothing Over Time by Sheryl Perkins. This is a brief summary of clothing styles by historical period with links back to many primary sources on the web.

Fashion and Clothing of the Renaissance by Sheryl Perkins. This is a brief overview of renaissance clothing with many links for further research.

Home Hobbies - Sewing Resources Some useful links to articles and videos about sewing basics and some fun projects.

Making the Perfect Theater Costume Here is a collection of links to pieces on basic sewing and resources for building theatrical costumes. The host site is an online store with a variety of interesting seats and other furniture for your media room.

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Alteryears For The Costumer is an excellent source of unusual historical clothing patterns (including the Randwulf's line) and hard-to-find corsetting supplies. Visit their web site at The web site shows only a portion of the available publications, emphasizing Alteryears' own line of historical clothing patterns. Send away for the full-size paper catalog to see the rest.

MoiRandall's Randall Whitlock's idiosyncratic commercial page features the "Randwulf's" line of original sewing patterns for the medieval/renaissance/highland enthusiast, and even an item or two for model rocketeers who sew.

Renaissance Dancewear offers specialty hosiery for medieval/renaissance re-creationists and performers. The basic material is a substantial cotton-lycra, not the plastic-like stuff you find in ordinary dancewear stores. Innovative designs include tights with built-in codpieces, XXL sizes, and striped Landsknect leggings.  

SodHoppers Medieval Footwear Custom medieval footwear made from a cast of your foot using top-grain buffalo hide. Order online from their web site. They'll send you a video which demonstrates how to make a cast of your foot.

Lavolta Press publishes pattern books on historical costume, particularly turn-of-the-(20th) century styles. The web site also includes links to other historical costume sites.

Calontir Trim Master Andrixos offers a wide selection of intricate trims at reasonable prices. The site includes a search engine which locates trims by color, width, or price range. The trims are illustrated with magnified color photos.

Blue Muse Ceramics is a bookseller specializing in publications about ceramic arts and doll-making. There is an extensive links section for ceramic sources, doll-making information, and doll clothing resources.

Pendragon Costumes makes most excellent leather doublets and bodices. If you have visited renfaires in the western US, you have probably seen their work.

Curious Antiquities is an online antique dealer specializing in items from the Roman Empire, Middle Ages, and Renaissance periods, along with many other interesting times. The site includes an extensive links list.

Patterns of Time A Clothier's Guide for the Complete Costumer, offers a wide variety of historical clothing patterns from small-run publishers (including my Randwulf's line), as well as clasps and other costume accessories, custom and ready-to-wear renaissance costumes. The web site features a clever search engine which finds patterns by key word. Patterns of Time is an partner, so you can make purchases using Amazon's search engine and your account.

The Scottish Lion Import Shop Scottish and Irish gift items. Scottish Lion is a reliable source for items of highland dress, including kilts, jackets, sporrans, jabots, bonnets, and tartan fabric. Look for a full-color rendering of your family tartan using an alphabetical search engine.

The Ring Lord
Jon Daniels (HL Tarquyn of Sergontium) offers chainmail making supplies, including rings, coils, wire, weaves, tools and some highly artistic finished mail items.

Bloomers 4 U
Whether you wear them as historical underwear or as colorful modern puffy pants, this is Your Source 4 Bloomers.  

YaTaHai Beads & Buckskin
Sparrowhawk makes buckskin clothing and a variety of moccassins and moccassin patterns. Visit her store in Tacoma or her web site at 

Gryphon's Moon
Celtic-inspired jewelry, mugs, statuary, ornaments, and clothing. Sewing patterns including the Randwulf's and Folkwear lines. You can download the full catalog from the site as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file.

B Coole Designs
Eclectic period costumes, cotton blend ladies and childrens knitwear, cotton diapers, cotton women's healthcare products, How-To articles on hats and turbans for hair loss. In recent years they have shifted to embroidered patches.

Dharma Trading Company
Based in San Rafael, California. Fiber art supplies and clothing blanks since 1969. Famous for their line of fiber-reactive dyes.

Tudor Dressing
This company features a wide variety of ready-to-wear medieval, renaissance and pirate garb; swords and helmets. The garb makes extensive use of velvets and viscose rayon. The swords are modeled after those from recent adventurous films. Prices are can be quoted in a variety of world currencies.

Mardis Gras Costume Shop
A family owned and run, theater quality costume shop at 5895 North Granite Reef Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85250.

Evening Elegance
Evening bags and purses, hats, gloves, shawls, hair accessories, jewelry, belts, fashions, clothing, lingerie, shoes and costumes including pets and children. Items are offered at discount prices and shipping is one fee no matter how many items are purchased.

The Celtic Croft (Kilts-N-Stuff)
The Celtic Croft, a leading kilt clothing company provides extensive collection of Scottish kilts, Irish kilts, Welsh kilts, and other stylish kilts stuff etc at affordable prices. They also provide different style of Scottish tartans and blankets, bodhran, tartan fabrics, highland accessories and other quality celtic products.

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The Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society (CASFS) is the host of the annual Coppercon Science Fiction Convention. CASFS also publishes the webzine CONNOTATIONS ONLINE and hosts a monthly book discussion group at Bent Cover Books in Phoenix, Arizona. Visit their web page for details.

Leprecon is one of central Arizona's three annual fan-run science fiction conventions. The emphasis is on the art of SF and Fantasy. The convention is held every May.

TusCon is the third of central Arizona's trilogy of annual fan-run science fiction conventions. The convention is held every November in Tucson, Arizona.

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is the world's largest medieval re-creation society. From their home page you can explore heraldic archives or link over to the home pages for the member kingdoms baronies, and shires. Included also is a Virtual Merchants Row with links to a variety of medievally oriented companies.

The Adrian Empire is a medieval re-creation society whose members are esteemed for their skill at Live-Steel Combat in a variety of forms, as well as the arts and sciences. These web sites offer a general introduction to Adria, its customs, and hints for the newcomer. I've had trouble with these links before, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

The Estrella War is the Society For Creative Anachronism's annual gathering near Florence, Arizona. The event, held every year on Presidents Day Weekend (and the preceding several days), includes large-scale medieval battles, arts and sciences demonstrations, and a Merchants Row to rival any renfaire.

The Dark Ones is an organization formed for the expression and exploration of various cultural themes including, but not limited to, the Dark Ages and the Renaissance through forms of art including, but not limited to, painting, drawing, writing, photography, spoken word, and acts of characterization. The monthly Phoenix-area parties are good too.

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The International Costume Guild

The International Costume Guild is an organization of persons interested in all facets of Historical, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Cultural costumes. Perhaps there is a chapter near you. The web site provides the visitor with a general introduction, news, pictures, and links to the local chapters in the United States, Canada and Great Britain. My chapter is the The Southwest Costumers Guild, centered in Arizona. 

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No Quarter Given is a clearinghouse for those interested in pirates, privateers and nautical history. Visit their web site for sample articles, links to merchants with a buccaneerish bent, a Pirate Movie Guide, Book Reviews, links to Pirate Re-Creation organizations, and of course information on how to subscribe to No Quarter Given magazine.

Renaissance Magazine is a high-quality, slick-cover quarterly magazine encompassing the entire Renaissance Faire phenomenon. Each issue includes faire reviews, articles on personalities at the fairs, and articles about the history, costume, and customs of the renaissance era. The magazine offers reasonably priced display and classifed advertising for renaissance-related craftsfolk and services.

For subscription and advertising information, write to:
Renaissance Magazine/Phantom Press
13 Appleton Road
Nantucket MA 02554

or e-mail

Fandata fandom directory (online edition) is "Your on-line link to Fandom around the world. Science Fiction, Comics, Trading Cards, Gaming, and more. Point and click access to thousands of fan, collector, dealer, store, publisher, club, and convention e-mail addresses and web sites." Listings are free, though a reciprocal link is appreciated. Fandata has also published an annual hard-copy directory of fans and fan-related businesses since 1979.


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