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Below you will see a list of links. Click the link to see a picture, description, and stock number for a particular garment. Unless otherwise noted, each item is one-of-a-kind and you will get the garment shown in the picture.

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The Items


My capes are made in three or four panels with a slightly fitted shoulder and are about one-half circle in fullness.
My cape-making techniques are explained in the Randwulf's Collection of Capes pattern package.

CAPE101: Kelly green poplin with shirt-style collar and forest green satin lining, 55 inches long $85
CAPE107: Burgundy cotton/poly twill with hood, concho and cord loop closure, 58 inches long $45
CAPE 050417: Black Cotton Twill half-cloak with enameled metal leaf-shaped clasp, domed collar, and white trim, approximately 40 inches long, nearly full-circle $45
CAPE 070723: (photo says 070619) Red Upholstery Corduroy full-circle half-cloak with Hood and two-button with cords closure $45
CAPE 090201: Brown corduroy with hood. Closure consists of cord and concho bound to the cape with metal grommets. Half-circle fullness. 58 inches long. $50
CAPE 100310: Black wool/poly herringbone half-cloak with hood. X-shaped hook closure. 40 inches long $50
CAPE 100425: Purple fine-wale corduroy cape with hood. Black frog closure. 55 inches long $55
CAPE 100427: Black corduroy cape with hood. Cord and concho closure. 54 inches long $60
CAPE 100521: Black stretch corduroy cape with hood. Hand-tied frog closure. 57 inches long $60

The following capes are available, but not pictured

CAPE 090214: Blue broadcolth half-cloak with half-circle falling collar. Grommets and concho with cord closure. 40 inches long. $40
CAPE 090601: Black cotton upholstery velvet half-cloak with dome collar and 2-button with cord closure. 38 inches long. $50
CAPE 100923 Black stretch corduroy with hood and hand-tied frog closure with ring reinforcement (similar to CAPE 100521) 55 inches long $60

CAPE 101007 Purple panne velvet full-circle cape with hood and hand-tied frog. 43 inches long $65


A "Mandelion" is the half-cloak seen in all those Musketeer movies. It has a flat panel in front and back (excellent for heraldic display), along with wing-shaped sleeves sewn to the back panel to form a cape. I make them using the Randwulf's Mandelion pattern.

MAND001 - Red Corduroy "Randwulf's Mandelion" with White Wings has been sold, but I've left this link in place so you can view the picture.

The following mandelions are available, but not pictured. Please inquire.

MAND002: Red cotton/poly twill body, white wings (same colors and size asMAND 001) 21-inch shoulder $35

Mantled Hoods or Cowls
These consist of a hood sewn to a circular mantle (also called a capelet). The longer ones work as mantles for adults or full-length capes for children.

My cowl-making technique is explained in Randwulf's Collection of Capes, Randwulf's Ramblings on Costume Volume 2: Yardstick and Chalk, and as a free online article at cowl.htm.

HOOD 070429: has been sold, but I'll leave the picture in place for a while so you can see its shape.

The following mantled hoods are available, but not pictured. Please inquire.

HOOD 070922: Black cotton-lycra duck, 26-inch radius $30

I've had some requests lately for hoods with narrower mandles and long liripipes. What do you think?

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