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How it Works

Below you will see a list of links. Click the link to see a picture, description, and stock number for a particular garment. Unless otherwise noted, each item is one-of-a-kind and you will get the garment shown in the picture. The prices include shipping to addresses within the United States.

How to Order

The Items

My medieval tunics are built using the Randwulf's Quarterly Tunic pattern.
The body is long and slightly fitted to the waist. The sleeve is relatively close fitting.

TUNIC001 - Purple and Gold Particolored Tunic
TUNIC102: Gold poly robe velour, short band collar (like Tunic 001); 38 inch chest. $35
SHIRT 100325: Blue and Yellow particolored cotton/poly twill pullover cotehardie with mandarin collar. 48 chest, 36" long. $45
TUNIC 100530 - Red pinwale corduroy cotehardie with fancy buttons and mandarin collar. 46 chest. $60


My shirts feature full, puffy sleeves. They are built using the Randwulf's Pirate Shirt or Randwulf's Quarterly Tunic patterns.
The "Swashbuckler Shirts" have a close-fitting cuff up to the elbow and a puffy upper sleeve.

SHIRT 051112: White cotton twill swashbuckler shirt (long body, puffy sleeves, long cuff), mandarin collar, 50 chest, 19 shoulder $50
SHIRT 080106: Blue twill puffy-sleeved shirt with mandarin collar, 50" chest $45. Shirt is brighter colored than photograph.
SHIRT 100325: Blue and Yellow particolored cotton/poly twill pullover cotehardie with mandarin collar. 48 chest, 36" long. $45
SHIRT 100719: White unbleached coarse muslin Pirate Shirt. 50 inch body, 19 inch shoulders $45
SHIRT 100328: Blue cotton chambray Randwulf's Pirate Shirt with double-layer yoke and collar. 50 chest. $45

The following puffy-sleeved shirts are available but not pictured.
Chest sizes are true measurements. You need a chest size 10 to 15 percent larger than your chest measure for wearing ease.

SHIRT106: Black and white spiderweb print, 48 chest, 18 shoulder $25
SHIRT 070410: Purple cotton poplin swashbuckler shirt with mandarin collar, 48" chest, 19" shoulder $50
SHIRT 080103: Black cotton broadcloth Randwulf's Pirate Shirt with standing collar, 49" chest, 19" shoulder X-long body $45
SHIRT 100411: Blue twill two-tone Randwulf's Pirate Shirt with double yoke, collar and blue chambray sleeves. 50 chest. Neck is a bit close. $45
SHIRT 100628: White unbleached muslin shirt with mandarin collar and underarm gussets. 60 inch body, 22 inch shoulders $35
SHIRT 101001: Black muslin Pirate Shirt. 58 inch body, 21 inch shoulders. $45

My robes have simple A-line bodies from shoulder to ankle. I explained how I build them in Randwulf's Ramblings on Costume Volume 2: Yardstick and Chalk.

ROBE 119 - White muslin robe with mandarin collar, split in front below the waist for a cassock look 60-inch body follows A-line to full hem, $55
ROBE 100502 - Brown brushed coarse twill with hood. Open front with single frog closure. 57" long, 60" body. $90
ROBE 100509 - Dark greenish gray textured cotton/lycra with pleated hood. Open front with single frog closure. 58" long, $60 body. $85

Available but not pictured:

ROBE 117 - Black broadcloth hooded robe 60-inch body follows A-line to full hem, $55
ROBE 080921 - Black broadcloth robe with pleated hood, open in the front, 60 inches long, 60 inches around the chest, $60
ROBE 080128- Black brushed microfiber robe with pleated hood, open in the front (wear it hanging open or close with a belt), 60 inch body, $60
ROBE 100923 - Brown corduroy hooded robe with raglan sleeves and hand-tied frog closure. 57 inches long. 65 inch max body. $95


Houppelandes are very full-bodied tunics popular in the 15th Century. Originally worn by men, the style later came to be used as a long ladies' gown. These Houppelandes are of the earlier, men's tradition and are based on the yoke from the Randwulf's Pirate Shirt pattern. Most are made of heavy weight materials, suitable for use as an overcoat. The Randwulf's Houppelande is gathered in pleats to a deep yoke over the shoulders.

HOUP 001 - Black Upholstery Velvet Houppelande Wraparound with X-Shaped Clasp
HOUP 002 - Red Corduroy Button-Up Houppelande

Available but not pictured:

HOUP 070429: Rough olive green 100 percent wool houppeland wraparound. 60" chest. $55.


Our pants, which we call "slops" at knee-length or "drawers" at ankle length, are full and loose, gathered to a waistband with a drawstring.
The drawstring allows the waist to be drawn in to much smaller sizes.

PNT 112 - White muslin drawers, Up to 46" waist, $30
PNT 100719 - Unbleached white coarse muslin drawers. Max waist = 40 inches with elastic and drawstring. 30 long $40

Available but not pictured:

PNT 101 - Tan crinkle cloth pants with belt loops and a more modern fly with concealed snaps, 35 waist, $30
PNT 070820 - Black t-shirt knit slops, 40 waist, $30
PNT 100520 - Black brushed duck drawers. 48" max waist. Single drawstring $40
PNT 101003 - Sheer black cotton gauze harem pants. 40 inch max waist with drawstring and elastic. Elastic cuffs. 30 long $40

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