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How it Works

Below you will see a list of links. Click the link to see a picture, description, and stock number for a particular garment. Unless otherwise noted, each item is one-of-a-kind and you will get the garment shown in the picture.

How to Order

The Items


The Randwulf's Doublet (See Pattern) is a simplified elizabethan-style doublet with a pointed front and a straight waistband. Most have grommeted, lace-up fronts.

Doublet 080805 - Dark gray stretch corduroy (greenish highlight) with mandarin collar and nickel grommets, 42 chest $45.
Doublet 100510: Gray-green coarse textured cotton/spandex with mandarin collar and brass grommets. 42 chest. $40.
Doublet 101010 Black heavy cotton twill with mandarin collar and brass grommets. 46 inch chest. $45

Available but not pictured:

Doublet 110605 Black twill with nickel grommets and mandarin collar. 46 inch chest. $45


My surcotes are long sleeveless doublets (think Robin Hood) with wing epaulets and lace-up fronts.
I build them using the Randwulf's Quarterly Tunic pattern.

Cote 100414: Green wool/acrylic with black grommets and flat neckline. 46 chest. $45
Cote 100821 Black cotton twill with brass grommets and V neckline. 46 chest. $45
Cote 100804 Floral faux brocade print with bonded white lining. 46 chest $45  (A bit florid for a guy, probably better as a lady's garment.)

Available but not pictured:

Cote 110607 Black cotton twill with deep, flat V-neckline and nickel grommets. Up to 50 inch chest $45

Pirate Coats

In reality, pirates wore whatever other ordinary seamen of their day would wear, including what they could steal. Hollywood has directed our imaginations to the carribbean buccaneers of the 1600s and 1700s. Here are some of my forays into this archetypical fantasy image:

Cote 070614 - Grey Herringbone with red pinstripes. Roll-back lapels, exaggerated cuffs. Coat body is lined with the same pinstripe material. I added bronze buttons with black piping and frogging after the posed picture was taken. Simple body is based on the Randwulf's Quarterly Tunic pattern. Fits 42-46 chest $130

Cote 100524 - Red pinwale corduroy with brass finish double buttons and black frogs, pleated back. Two patch pockets with flaps. Mandarin collar. Roll-back cuffs. 48 chest, 45 inches long. $120.

Cote 100526 - Red pinwale corduroy with black grommets, roll back cuffs, mandarin collar, pleated back Fits 42-46 chest. $60


My bodices have scooped necklines, epauleted shoulders, curved fitting seams at the bust. The lace-up front makes them somewhat forgiving for size. They are designed to be comfortable ladies' vests without boning or underpinnings. Most are based on the Randwulf's Beer Maiden Bodice pattern.

Bodice 081028: Floral brocade with peplum (waistband). Approximately 36-inch bust. $45.
Bodice 100214: Black denim bodice with peplum, approximately 36-inch bust, similar to 100206. $45
Bodice 100328: Side-lacing bodice of cat-face brocade pattern. Approx 38-inch bust $40.
Bodice 100409: Cat-face brocade bodice with peplum. 36-38 bust. $45.
Bodice 100529: Red pinwale corduroy bodice with peplum, black grommets. 36-38 bust. $40.
Bodice 101003: Brown corduroy, epaulets, peplum, brass grommets, peplum. 36 bust $40

Available but not pictured

Bodice 100826: Floral faux brocade print with bonded white lining. Epaulets,  brass grommets, peplum (similar to Bodice 100825) 38-inch bust $40.
Bodice 101003: Brown corduroy with eqaulets and brass grommets. No front webbing. 36 inch bust. $40
Bodice 110604: Forest green floral damask. No peplum. Brass grommets 36 inch bust. $40
Bodice 110623: Black twill with black grommets, equaulets, peplum. 38 inch bust. $40


Some of these long dresses are based on the Randwulf's Beer Maiden Bodice pattern, with attached skirts and sleeves. Others are simple A-line pullovers.

GOWN017 - Red Robe Velour Peasant Gown
GOWN 040601: Blue and Yellow Particolored Pullover Gown, 48" (allow 10% wearing ease) Bust, 55" Long. Waistless A-line shape. Wear a belt, cord, or sash to create a wasteline. $65
GOWN 080119 Unbleached Muslin chemise with yoke Based on the Randwulf's Pirate Shirt pattern. Body follows A-line from 46-inches at bustline, flaring outward. Wear under a bodice or overdress, or establish a waistline with a belt. $45.
Gown 101003: Black cotton gauze chemise, broad drawstring neck, elastic cuffs. 60 inch max bust 55 inches long $40
GOWN 101006 Red cotton muslin chemise, broad drawstring neck, elastic cuffs. Max bust = 60 inches. 53 inches long. Sleeves a bit small in proportion $40

Available, but not pictured

GOWN 014: Purple Broadcloth Short Sleeve Pullover Gown, 48" (allow 10% wearing ease) Bust, 60" Long $35
GOWN 018: Black Broadcloth Pullover Gown. Same shape as Gown 040601. 52" (allow 10% wearing ease) Bust, 60" Long $45

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